Five Jobs

“When I grow up, I will have five jobs!” my friend’s son proclaimed, holding up five fingers.

“What will they be?” I asked, curious.

“One—” he held up a finger—“will be to make superheroes for comic books. The others will be plain-job jobs.”

The four adults in the room—late-twenty-somethings who are still either trying to decide what sort of careers they want or trying to convince someone to pay them to do the thing they know they want—all laughed and remarked, “Oh yes, those kind of jobs happen!” or “I know the plain-job jobs well…”

Wiser than his four years? Cynical at a young age?

Or superhero creator in the making?

The visit of my good Pennsylvanian friends Anna and Steve (and the creative exploits of their son) makes for a fortuitous blog opening, because this blog name came to mind as I reflected on a letter from Anna, which closed hastily because her children’s quiet time had become suspiciously unquiet. For me, the recent days are unquiet times. I am unquiet inside, as I wonder how I will use my skills and passions and schooling to contribute creatively to the world and to creatively pay the bills. Here in New England, nature is blissfully unquiet, as spring yawns awake in my tiny tiny yard and summer hollers that it is on the way.

Thanks to the Internet and helpful friends like Gil and Raquelle, I now have a public forum for my unquiet.  Things I intend to be unquiet about include: local food and businesses, cooking, travel, and local businesses I visit and eat food at while traveling.  I hope you’ll read along.

And to the future superhero creators, I’m rooting for you.



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4 responses to “Five Jobs

  1. Gil

    Welcome to the blogoblag!

  2. Jordan

    Nice opening, Meghan! It makes me want to dust of my blog. I hope you find your unquiet time inspiring and full of blogworthy material. I look forward to reading and thanks for sharing! -J

  3. Cool! I always wanted to be a superhero! 🙂

    Kidding….a Veterinarian, actually.

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