Fenway Park Steps Up to the Plate

Sox fan or not, you gotta love Fenway Park. Approaching its 100th birthday (2012), the ballpark keeps its classic feel while moving forward in many ways– like environmental proactivity.  When friends and I attended yesterday’s unfortunate loss to the Rays, I was pleasantly distracted by the cheerful volunteers collecting plastic recyclables between innings (I’d love to see a stat on how many plastic $7 beer cups we’re talking about, if anyone’s got one).  I also noticed that the hawker with the #1 fingers and rally monkeys was also selling…wait for it… Fenway Park Grocery Totes.  At $5 they were hardly a bargain, but it’s these little signs that say you’re not in Wall-E anymore.  This led me to the Sox website and a feast of facts about Fenway’s Green Initiative.  I got pumped reading this– we’re not just talking plastic recyling here (a basic step I feel there is no excuse for not taking).  We’re talking solar panels, biodiesel lawn mowing, compostable trash bags, and pasture-grazed beef, among other things.  Sustainable food sources at a ballpark, people!  I was wearing a T-shirt yesterday that said “Believe in Boston.”  Well, now, I think I do.

Green TeamGrocery Bag Guy


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  1. madre

    Speaking of the Red Sox, at least there is ONE New York team who can give them what-for!!!! (PS–Their name rhymes with “pets”…..)

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