Imagine the Potential… of church ad campaigns?

OK.  This is the second really slick ad I’ve seen in two weeks that was done by a church group.  Watch it before you read any further so I don’t ruin the punch line for you.

I found this to be both well done and powerful.  Now when you go and Google all these people (as I did) you’ll find that Catholic Vote is defining adoption as “being raised by anyone other than your biological parents”– for some that includes, say, an aunt or uncle if the parents died or were incapable.  For plenty of the others it means taken in by strangers.  I’m fine with that, as it seems to make sense that adoption is committing yourself to care for kids that aren’t technically yours.  Coming from Catholic Vote, this ad (hyped to be aired during the season finale of American Idol) resonated with me because I’ve had a huge heart for adoption ever since I actually visited an orphanage in Delhi, India, in 2005.  Orphanage If it had been possible, I would have been coming home with kids on the plane, single and twenty-four years old.  (Particularly the girl in the fancy dress.  Look at her facial expression.  She and I would have gotten on great.)  Until I visited this orphanage, I hadn’t really comprehended (and I guess I still haven’t, now that I think about it) that there are children no one wants, no one can take responsibility for.  I remember thinking, “That’s stupid, I would love any of these kids.  Why can’t I care for one of them?”  Hopefully, God willing, one day I will.

And if you’re wondering what the first ad was, here it is… I saw this while I was on a treadmill and nearly fell off as I thought, “Surely they didn’t just say church.” And then realizing they DID say church, I was so proud.  It is awesome to see people from different church communities (Catholic, Methodist, whatever) 1. making excellent video art and 2. talking about social justice in the world.  I am down with that and so, I believe, is God.

PS I hunted the song from the Imagine the Potential ad. It’s called “Close My Eyes” by Daniel Schreck and it’s on iTunes.


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  1. Cathryn

    keep it coming, Meghan… love your writing!

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