I think they’re trying to tell me something.

I am blogging to you from a hefty Dell Inspiron.  It has served me adequately, but for a long time I’ve had my eye on a Mac book.  It’s partially an image craving, I know–the Macs are sexy and all that.  Everyone I work with is on a Mac and constantly running their cool artistic applications in front of me and making movies in about five minutes. 

The main strike against my Inspiron is the size.  Bringing it to work is like bringing my washing machine.  Portability is big for me, because new locations seem to stimulate creative thoughts.

So for a while now I’ve known the Inspiron isn’t a long-term relationship. But I’m not rich, and I’m not wasteful, so I’m not going to chuck the functional computer I have and buy a new one impulsively.  Letting my practical husband rub off on me, I was saving for a Mac book, but there was a snafu with our taxes last month and some of the Mac book money had to go to the US Government… suffice it to say the Mac book is not in my immediate future.

So why, then, is Mac running this ad?  And do they have it so magically rigged that everyone hears their own name at the end?



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2 responses to “I think they’re trying to tell me something.

  1. Gil

    So this is what I have:


    It’s great for e-mail and writing and little else, but as a writer’s tool and secondary computer it’s amazing. It has a fullsize keyboard (many netbooks don’t) yet is light enough where if it even crosses my mind that I want to have a laptop on me for the day I don’t second-guess it, I just throw the thing into my bag. You want the 6-cell one, which lasts me a little under 4 hours.

    Best part is the $330 price. Not saying to buy from Best Buy, but do walk into a Best Buy and try playing with one…

  2. You must never let the government know that you are considering purchasing a Mac. They will come after your money and prevent you from doing so. This is to keep creativity down to a minimum. Just think what would happen if everyone were doing creative things, expanding their minds, collaborating with others, etc. These people would wake up one day and say to themselves, “Wait a minute, something is wrong here! If we continue to live this way, we will destroy the planet and do harm to innocent people, animals, and plants.” People will begin to buy locally grown food and locally made goods and clothing. This is turn would have a detrimental effect on the very donors to which are politicians are beholden. So Shhhhh…keep your Mac desires to yourself. Once you get one, they will leave you alone – although you may start getting email from President Obama – I do.

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