Fireworks for the holiday

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

There’s a mangy bed of flowers along the dilapidated fence in our front yard.  We only moved in this spring so had no idea what would pop up–given the general state of things, I had presumed weeds, but have been proven wrong repeatedly, and most recently by these.

I have no idea what they are (please comment if you do), but they simply delight me. Each flower looks like a firework, right before the ends begin to fall in the sky.

This weekend, Tim, I, my siblings, his brother, and thirtyish other people are off to the woods of New York State to live simply… with twenty-plus pound packs and all sorts of modern gear.  I’m sure some stories will result.



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2 responses to “Fireworks for the holiday

  1. madre

    That’s one of the alliums–they are decorative plants in the onion family–not edible, though!

  2. Judith A Genaway

    Hi Meghan!
    It reminds me of ‘cleome’ too…although it’s too early for it, I think. Love the thought that they look like fireworks…they surely do.

    Don’t you love it when a ‘secret garden’ springs up and you discover?

    ‘Cousin’ Judy :):)

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