Who Has Seen the Wind?

Dear Christina Rossetti,

We have.  It was on Haystack Mountain on Sunday, around 1 PM.  There were no leaves trembling, or trees bowing down their heads. This was more like forcible devastation.  So loud you couldn’t hear the person next to you talking.  So strong you wanted to lay down flat on the rock face and “do the inch worm,” as my sister said.  So fast that clouds and weather were changing more rapidly than I’d ever imagined.  Rain-dark clouds-sun-white clouds-no clouds… We pretty much just tagged the top and ran away back down the face.  Because the smaller of us did not fancy being swept away.

However, the wind was not so intense as to prevent us from making a lot of comments (once we could hear each other again) about the Land of Mordor and “Look to my coming at the first light” etc etc.

I would like to claim that the wind was blowing my Flip Video camera around, but… it’s probably my lack of skill.

Prices on Gothics, Saturday

Prices on Gothics, Saturday


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