Good Read by Someone Else

I read “Where Then Shall We Live?” by Erik O. Jacobsen this morning in the eblast from a publication called Comment.  The entire piece isn’t that long, but if you’re in a rush, the upshot is this:

…Given the realities of post-WWII development patterns, it is now possible to choose places to live, work, and worship that almost guarantee that we will have no incidental contact with strangers or the poor.  I believe that choosing to live in a neighbourhood that is mixed in income, mixed in use, and replete with inviting public spaces can be an important fundamental ethical decision. When we can walk from our home to the corner coffee shop or park with the realistic expectation of running into someone who is destitute in one way or another, we place ourselves in the uncomfortable realm of Christian decision making.

In this case, the ‘uncomfortable realm’ being a good thing.  Want more healthy discomfort? Read the whole thing.


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  1. Scott

    It’s what I miss about living in Cambridge for 18 years. But this recent economic downturn can turn anyone into someone in need.

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