Local to-do: Bake a Cake

Hooray!  Sweet Alternatives baker Linda Brudz did the cake and cupcakes for our wedding and they were unbelievably delicious.  Today I found out she now offers baking classes and based on what we ate, I would love to learn from her.  Sweet Alternatives Baking Classes If I can come up with the $$ I’m looking at the first one (Cake Baking from Scratch).  I don’t know Linda personally, but this appears also to be a cool example of finding multiple ways to capitalize on one set of skills.

A certain wedding cake... mmm

A certain wedding cake... mmm


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One response to “Local to-do: Bake a Cake

  1. Gil

    I sometimes don’t pay any attention to what blog i’m reading on Google Reader, and momentarily saw this picture and got excited that your cake showed up on the cake-related blog I read, “Cakewrecks”.

    Then disappointment that a perfectly nice cake was displayed on Cakewrecks.

    Then realization that this wasn’t cakewrecks at all.

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