Good Read by Someone Else: Pico Iyer

It’s hard to pick just one excerpt from this essay by novelist Pico Iyer on the NY Times’s “Happy Days” blog.  The essay is titled “The Joy of Less”, and while you can probably presume the direction he goes in without reading it, there’s a lot more poetry and depth to the piece than just “be happy with less stuff.”  So read it:  The Joy of Less.

As for a teaser, here’s one:

If you’re the kind of person who prefers freedom to security, who feels more comfortable in a small room than a large one and who finds that happiness comes from matching your wants to your needs, then running to stand still isn’t where your joy lies.

Now get off this blog and go find your joy!


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One response to “Good Read by Someone Else: Pico Iyer

  1. Thank you for recommending such a lovely read! 🙂
    Enjoyed the article – Pico Iyer’s one of my fave travel writers, since my old Travel Literature module back in University some years ago.
    Do take care & Wishes, minerva*

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