Food DOES Matter… Book Club Wrap-Up

Those of you who read about my library criminality will be glad to know I turned in several books on time this week, including Food Matters, which means I finished it.  It turns out, of approximately 300 pages, the last third at least are recipes– sweet.  How to practice what you’ve been preached.

If you want the details of what I’ve already blogged about, you can go out and read Food Matters, but I liked the upshot more than I liked the read itself, and the upshot is:

“Eat less meet, and fewer animal products…Eat fewer refined carbohydrates… way less junk food… and eat far more vegetables, legumes, fruits, and whole grains” (p. 68)

If you like getting your “far more veggies” local, you might want to check out Local Harvest, which is how we found our CSA, Stone Soup Farm.  You can find farm stands, CSAs (community sponsored agriculture- it’s a farm share), or farmers’ markets in your area.  I think on the whole Tim and I eat healthier than what is described as “the average American” in books like this (ie we are not guzzling soda and fast food daily), but I realize increasingly that we have a long ways we could go toward being healthier, and also that there are a multitude of lessons to be learned from other cultures’ eating habits. I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes from Food Matters and will let you know if any are spectacular.

In terms of things that are not spectacular, it has been raining in such a way here as to make me contemplate the Great Flood.  This morning I sat at my kitchen table staring out our huge windows and wondering, “What WOULD it be like if it rained for forty days and forty nights…?”  Hopefully I am not able to tell you the answer to this question.


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  1. Betsy

    Meg, I love your blog! Thanks for allowing me to now say I’m part of TWO book clubs, and good work on the tiffin info and the CSA link. And a shout out later to the joys of group singing, too? Amazing.

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