Sun in Central

What’s that glaring orb in the sky? It’s the sun! And it returned yesterday to much love from the locals. I made my way to the ShiftMob at Harvest last night (see prev post) in solid traffic across Cambridge, but with the windows down and the evening sun strong and the baseball game on the radio, it didn’t feel like wasted time.  I love the influx of distinct impressions I get in a city.  And within a city, I love how each neighborhood really does have its own vibe.  Central Square’s–sandwiched between Techy MIT and Old School Grandeur Harvard– is so much grittier than its neighbors.

At the corner of Norfolk and Bishop Allen, a group of pre-teen African-American girls called out at passing cars, “Michael Jackson is dead. Michael Jackson is dead.”  At the same intersection a down-and-out guy asked a group of students passing by with a case of Bud Light if he could please just have one beer, since they had so many. (They ignored him, though it seemed a strong argument to me.)

In the parking lot behind Harvest, a CSA (not ours) was distributing their shares, via a guy wearing a baby in a front-carrier, as tantalizing scents wafted over their shoulders out of Shalimar.  Inside Harvest, a girl was playing the guitar and employees were handing out food samples, and happy people were buying produce. I’m not sure “mob” would be quite the right word, but there were a good number of people there.

As I walked back to my car on Bishop Allen, a strange man asked me, “Hey miss, which car is yours? Where’s it parked?” I declined to answer.

Next Thursday is my last day at my current full-time job, after which point I will be self-employed as a freelance writer and editor. One of the things I am planning for the blog are some neighborhood expeditions–mini guides, if you will– in and around Boston, posting some thoughts on a neighborhood as well as what to see/do there.  I’m really looking forward to that.  Catchy title TBD.


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