Global to-do: Telling Tales at the V&A

I have a new short-term goal: to get to London between 14 July and 18 October 2009 to see an exhibit called Telling Tales at the Victoria and Albert Museum:

This exhibition explores the recent trend among European designers for unique or limited edition pieces that push the boundaries between art and design. It showcases furniture, lighting and ceramics, designed by a new generation of international designers, including Tord Boontje, Maarten Baas, Jurgen Bey and Studio Job, who are all inspired by the spirit of story-telling. Each tells a tale through their use of decorative devices, historical allusions or choice of materials, sharing common themes such as fantasy, parody and a concern with mortality.

I’ve been to the V&A once before, in 2006, and after a day was ready to pronounce it my favorite museum ever. Its focus is art and design, or as it seemed to me, the art of everyday objects: Lamps and candleholders. Lightposts. Gates. Vases. Water pumps. Buckets. They have statues and columns and all that too, but I have no professional knowledge of and a huge fascination with anything that makes or contains light, and to me the V&A collection was something along the lines of enchanted.  This new exhibit looks really interesting– fairytales and narrative meet furniture and household objects.  I completely mean it when I say I will try and go.  If you’ve never been or can’t go, it seems when the exhibit opens, there will be a bit of material unveiled on the site as well.  And here is a picture from my previous visit, of the 36-foot blown glass chandelier that hangs in the entryway (and which I was completely captivated by).

Dale Chihuly chandelier in V&A


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  1. Betsy

    That photo is so cool. I want to go to that museum! Take me with you!

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