Tall Ships and the North End

This week is the simply named Tall Ships event in Boston… still going on if you’re looking for weekend activity. View of Charlestown Navy Yard

These particular ships (Coast Guard on left, possibly the one my friend Jake is stationed on; and the one on the right which I am sure is not actually keeling over…) are docked at Charlestown Navy Yard and appeared to be swarming with people, but on Thursday I got great and unimpeded views from the North End side of the harbor, and a very pleasant walk to boot.  I mapped it on Gmaps Pedometer if you’re interested:  North End walk. My takeaway observation on the North End, chock full of Boston’s historic landmarks as well as Italians, was how green it is.  Little parks and playgrounds are tucked all around, shady, inviting, and quiet on a weekday morning.  (It crossed my mind that you need the respite of the parks to escape the constant swearing/arguing of Italian men in the streets, but hey…) I wandered into a little spray pool in North End Playground (labeled on Gmaps, on the water off Commercial); that same park is where I had such a good view of the ships. I also found great views from nearby Copp’s Hill Terrace, a delicious if not cheap cappucino at Caffe Vittoria, and plenty of spots to sit and read. I heard Italian being spoken in the streets, and women taking home-baked treats to the St. Francis rectory.

Spray PoolcappucinoMore parks

Tall Ships are in the harbor through tomorrow (Sunday), and rumor has it the best sight is as they depart.


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