Tango, Tango, and Spices!

Suddenly I find myself with several things to say:

1. Tango! There will be an evening of public tango on the Weeks Bridge in Cambridge this Saturday night.  Thank God! This is the kind of stuff I live in the city for.   I don’t know how to tango, and you can bet that if my husband does he won’t tell me, but this has all the makings of a wonderful urban (and free!) Saturday night.  Get to Harvard Square and head for Memorial Drive via JFK- you’ll find it.

2. Tango! Just saying “Tango” reminded me how much I love Tango Restaurant in Arlington.  It’s not for vegetarians; this is an Argentinian steakhouse and meat has never been so good. It’s of a price/romantic quality that it ranks as a “special occasion” night out– BUT you may be aware that Restaurant Week is coming, when many local hot spots including Tango offer more affordable prix fixe menus. Definitely check out Restaurant Week (August 9-14, 16-21) and Tango. If you decide to do Restaurant Week, call for reservations ASAP and be willing to be flexible on time.  Prime-time dinner spots (7, 8pm) can be tough to get.  No car? No problem. Tango’s right on the 77 bus line.

3. Spices! I stumbled upon a blog today which gave me great joy and which I will be adding to the links column of this blog… It’s called SpiceLines and it appears to be about spices and cooking– with occasional installments of a culinary murder-mystery.

For a Wednesday, honestly, today’s been pretty good.


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