Eat-the-Freezer Week Fails… Marathon Sports Succeeds

Ah the perils of having an apartment-size fridge unit. Occasionally I cook myself into a situation where it is no longer possible to freeze any more leftovers, because the freezer is full. Then we have to declare “Eat the Freezer” week, where we eat all the leftovers.  This was was meant to be Eat the Freezer Week.  But then I became concerned about produce going bad and made Eat the Fridge Soup… and had to freeze a ton of it… and bought coconut pops on a hot day… and here we are with the problem:

The Uneaten Freezer

The Uneaten Freezer

The minor success of the day was my visit to Marathon Sports near Harvard Square.  They are, you may surmise, a specialty running store and therefore a good resource for someone who wouldn’t know what to pick out in a bigger sports store, as well as a kindred spirit for serious runners.  As I am a twice-a-week-on-a-treadmill runner, I needed knowledgeable salesclerk help.  At Marathon they’ll fit you, analyze your stride (they have you go run on the sidewalk, so don’t dress up), and let you try on and compare a bunch of shoes. I was helped by a guy named August who coincidentally was an Emerson MFA alum.  Small world.  Luckily no one at Marathon recognized me from my strange appearance there three or four years ago…

I wandered in there one day wanting some new sneakers for my perceived goal of exercising more. My seriousness about exercise or running was quite low.  But the day I go to Marathon, a local news crew is there filming an segment on women runners.  And they ask if they can profile me as I shop.  And I try to explain that I am really not a runner, but they are like, “Oh no, we want people of all ability levels.”  So I say OK and let them shadow me while a nice and patient clerk helps me try on shoes.  The problem is, I wasn’t really intending to purchase shoes that day. I just wanted to get a sense of what I should buy and then maybe save for it or look for it cheaper on Amazon.  (Shame on me! I know! Choosing Amazon over local business.)  So they film this whole thing and the clerk is so helpful… and then when he asks me which pair I want I have to say it’s more than I can spend and run out of the store in shame.  A couple days later friends say they saw me on the news and didn’t know I was a runner.

Uh huh.

Well since January I actually have been exercising regularly, and was desperately in need of a functional pair of sneakers.  And now I have some!  Thank you Marathon! I went directly from the store and did a loop around the Fresh Pond Reservoir–it was ridiculously hot but the views were beautiful.

eat the freezer 004



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2 responses to “Eat-the-Freezer Week Fails… Marathon Sports Succeeds

  1. cutewosie

    I go to a store like that and have found the best pair of running shoes because of it. I hope that it really wasn’t too embarrassing, I am glad that you did not feel the pressure to buy just because of the news camera! 🙂

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