Local to-do: Esplanade Yoga

Monday is coming. And you’re going to need to chill. I know I am.   Luckily for us, the DCR is hosting free yoga on the Esplanade after work on Mondays.  I’m just going to paste the info from their flyer below.  Actually, I’ve been thinking for a long time that I should do yoga (my posture needs improving and I would like to achieve a more peaceful mental state), but I am not sure where/how to start.  I would love to hear suggestions or input.  I’m not terribly afraid of embarrassing myself (as it happens more or less constantly) but I have absolutely no prior yoga experience and am clueless about the different varieties/points of entry.

WHAT: The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is hosting a series of
free yoga sessions on the Charles River Esplanade. All ages and abilities are
welcome. The program, which also ran last summer, attracted as many as 100
participants each evening.
Participants should bring an ID (under age 18 must be accompanied by an
adult), water, and a yoga mat, and wear comfortable clothing. A limited number
of yoga mats will be available for the class. Unwind after a day at work or
school – or wherever you’ve been! Stretch and relax and revitalize your body
and mind. Enjoy this lovely urban park at sunset.
WHEN: Mondays
July 13 – September 14
6 p.m. -7 p.m.
Weather permitting
WHERE: The grassy area in front of DCR’s Hatch Shell
WHO: All ages and abilities, beginner to expert
Directions: DCR’s Hatch Shell is easily accessible by the T:
Red Line, Charles/MGH stop: Walk across the footbridge at Charles Circle and
head left (upstream) along the river to the Hatch Shell.
Green Line, Arlington Station: Walk north (toward the river) on Arlington
Street and David Mugar Way, and cross on the Fiedler Footbridge to the Hatch
For more information, please call 617-727-1058.



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4 responses to “Local to-do: Esplanade Yoga

  1. Lianne

    Go for it! I ventured into a yoga class in January and I was so nervous. How you really pick it up depends on the instructor, but no matter what you’ll be saying ‘namaste’ in no time. It’s a lot of fun and the time goes by quickly!

    I was sore after the first few classes and I felt like such a wimp (“But it’s just stretching! How am I tired??!?”), but once I got the hang of it, I loooooved it. Good mental break.

    Three pieces of advice-
    1. If the instructor does poses that are too difficult, ask for a modified one. There are modified poses for EVERYTHING, so you can get the benefit without pain.
    2. It really is best to do it totally barefoot on your mat. You get muuuuch better grip.
    3. Don’t wear shorts!

    • unquiettime

      I can try this at my gym on Saturday–what do you think? Hatha Yoga
      This form of yoga incorporates an eclectic blend of two or more yoga styles, while focusing on posture and breathing. Most of the poses are seated and held longer than usual. Along with promoting relaxation it develops muscular strength, suppleness and flexibility.

      • Lianne

        Yes! Hatha Yoga is more subdued. I learned about that when I took a yoga philosophy course freshman year in college. We spent half the time learning about it and the other half doing it. I wish I had paid attention back then!

        Anywho, try it out. Any yoga will be relaxing and SO many types of people do it. In my classes there were usually one or two guys 55-60 who would seemed they really couldn’t do much, but after a few months even they were more flexible!

  2. Jo Ann

    If you find inner peace, let me know–I’d be on board with that, especially as school starts up!

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