Does time ever go slower than when you’re on an airplane?

I don’t think so.  I always bring an army of things to amuse me (a la taking a small child to church) : iPod, novel, magazine, paper to compose long letter to best friend… and then as soon as we’re up in the air lose interest in all of them and can only think, 5 hours to go… 4 hours 45 minutes to go… surely an hour has gone by… nope, only 10 minutes.

I got to reexperience this phenomenon on Thursday and will again tomorrow, as I am in California visiting my brother, who moved this summer to Irvine.  It’s a bit of a family reunion, with my sister and Tim here as well.  We’ve had a great weekend and perhaps there will be more detailed posts on this, but in the interest of not abandoning my blog, here are a couple of the things we’ve done:

1. Got up at dawn o’clock on Saturday to go to  Irvine’s Cars and Coffee, where people show off their uber flashy rides.

2. Swam in the palm-tree ensconced pool at my brother’s apartment complex… apparently everyone in this town lives in these apartment communities which offer various resort-like amenities. We’ve hardly seen any single-family homes. I find this interesting.

3. Went to Target to buy miscellaneous items missing from my brother’s first ever apartment… like microwave-safe bowls.

4. Took in the moonlight at Laguna Beach and the sunshine at Huntington Beach.

5. Tim and I visited Newsong Church this morning and were floored by their community involvement.

6. We are leaving shortly to go to the Dodgers/Giants game and sit in… Mannywood!  Watch for us ducking foul balls!

Happy trails…

(7.) PS Despite only reading 3 pages on the plane, I am partway into one of the books from my previous post- Homer & Langley. So far so good.


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  1. Cathryn

    How long are you here for…?!

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