Head of the Slush!

I observe the first snow of the year like a personal holiday: a magical, special day before the day later in the season when the sight of dirty snow piled everywhere will anger me, and I will refuse to lift another shovel. Well… I don’t know if I ever get tired of looking at snow. But I do get tired of interacting with it. Digging out the car. Feeling cold wetness slide into my boots as I try to slug my way down the street. Driving. Any length of driving.

I wonder how I would feel about, say, rowing a boat in the snow.

The first snow of the year came ambiguously this morning. I came downstairs around 8AM and made directly for the coffee pot, as per usual. My husband was reading on the couch. (And by couch, I mean pleather futon.) I sat at the kitchen table, looked out the window, and gasped audibly. He looked up at me and just nodded.  White…. chunks… were falling from the sky!  I pressed my face to the glass and then went out on our deck to try and discern:  was it snow, or just slush? Is it the first snow?

Just moments later, the precipitation turned completely to rain, so I think I caught the warmer end of the event. But there was stuff, dropping from clouds, which was not in the form of water.  I’m going with First Slush, and reserving the right to hold First Snow for the light fluffy stuff.

Now why the boat question… It is not because I was thinking about the boat in Where the Wild Things Are, which is now playing… although now that we mention it… but we digress.

Mainly I was thinking about The Head of the Charles Regatta. This weekend Cambridge once again hosts the world’s largest two-day rowing (crew) event. There are more than 55 races taking place on a three-mile stretch of the Charles River, and unless the weather discourages some, about 300,000 spectators are going to turn up.  (And find nowhere to park. So take the T, people.) Check out the race schedule. The regatta can be watched from either the Cambridge or Boston side of the river, and the course crosses under six bridges, so a lot of folks gravitate toward those (B.U. Bridge, River Street Bridge, Western Ave. Bridge, Weeks Footbridge, Lars Anderson Bridge, and Eliot Bridge).



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3 responses to “Head of the Slush!

  1. SNOW! Oh my!! It’s very chilly and windy here today actually – but I won’t give you the details because it’s all relative. Bundle up my friend! I hope the Head of the slushy Charles is fun! That is one thing that I never got to in the 15 years I lived in Boston (can you believe it??)

    • unquiettime

      I’ve actually never gone either– as a local you tend to stay away from the herds of visitors, you know? but this year I’m going for sure. first time I’ve ever known one of the rowers– Jake Conrad is rowing for the US Coast Guard team

  2. claire

    hi meghan! I found your blog through your facebook page. (I think that you’re friends with jed, but not me). Your writing is great and I’m enjoying reading about boston and cambridge.

    I can’t believe there is already snow….


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