Redeeming Girls, Renewing Kenya… and Getting Involved

Give Hope

For the past few months, I’ve had this nagging feeling that I should be involved in something… well… significant. Urgent. Meaningful. Helping people who are in some sort of Dire Need.

I blame an event called The Leadership Summit. I left having listened to all these powerful speakers who have each been an agent for change in spheres ranging from national politics to small-town churches to art to microfinance to poverty…  and I thought: I’m living small.  And so are other people… we’re not doing everything we could. Because it seems like when actual, life-size people really try, they make a difference.

So I was all pumped up to change the world with no clear direction to head in. But this week, I committed to starting at something, and that something is the Breaking Ground campaign for One Home, Many Hopes.

One Home Many Hopes is a fantastic non-profit supporting a home in Mtwapa, Kenya, where thirty-two girls who have been abandoned, orphaned, or living/working on the streets are offered a place to live, healthy care, and an education, so that they can break the cycle of poverty into which they were born.  Beyond tangible goods, what they really receive is hope.

I know of OHMH at all because a friend of mine is on their staff, and I’ve given them small donations before, but never “gotten involved.”  Now, they’re doing a fundraising campaign to raise $70,000 to build a better building for the girls, who have maxed out the small house the founder started with.  You can read all about it on their website so I won’t get into it here, but the girls are so precious, and so worth caring for—and prior to the home at Mudzini Kwetu, no one has shown them that care. I am proud of my friends at OHMH for stepping up and saying, We can help with this.

Besides their huge heart, one of my favorite things about OHMH has always been their philosophy that “if we all give a little, no one has to give everything.” They did a fundraiser a while back where people were encouraged to give only $10. (I gave! I was like, oh, they only want $10?)  The strategy of the Breaking Ground campaign is that small teams of volunteers commit to raising at least $500.  Tim and I are leading a crew and we’re looking to get creative about raising the money.  We’re thinking about a yard sale, or a craigslist-ebay fest of some sort.  It’s biblical, you know, sell your stuff and give to the poor.  And we’ve got plenty of stuff.  Yesterday I posted a bunch of books on Amazon, and today one of them sold– I already raised $5!

I’m already really grateful that you read this blog.  (Somehow, October 21 was a very busy day for Unquiettime, and I have no idea why, but thank you.)  But will you also visit the Breaking Ground website and become aware of the work One Home Many Hopes is doing? If you feel inspired to give, be it $1, or $10, or anything else, know that we’ll be giving too and there are some girls in Kenya who probably none of us will ever meet– who will be very thankful.

Give or track my progress here!


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