Seasonal musings…

Well, it’s that time of year again:

IMG_6590The grocery store is trying to sell me both pumpkins and miniature Christmas trees. While I am getting quite excited for the Christmas season, I am trying to keep it bottled up a little while longer…

…because it’s still Halloween, and I’m wondering if we’ll get any trick-or-treaters. Having no real idea of when trick-or-treating occurs, I’ve been ready since 11AM. So far: nothing. While I do love kids in cute costumes and adults in inventive ones, Halloween isn’t high on my list of favorite holidays.  My tastes have changed since I was a trick-or-treater: I’ve had a huge bowl of candy sitting here all day, and I have not once been tempted to munch on it. I don’t really eat candy anymore. (So: neighborhood kids, if you’re reading this, get over here because I’m probably just going to give handfuls of the stuff to anyone who comes to the door.) This morning I imagined a creative twist on the tradition: our candy’s in a green basket, and our compost goes in a green bucket.  When kids say “trick or treat!” I really could give them an option, just by leaving out both receptacles…

There is a Halloween “tradition” of sorts which is very much on my mind today, and that is Boston Ballet’s production of Cinderella (James Kudelka choreography and the Prokofiev score- I do love those Russians). It’s not part of this year’s lineup, but I’ve seen it twice in six years in Boston (including 2008), so I have high hopes for its return. The production creates the most magical ambiance I’ve felt in a theatre, with help from an Alice-in-Wonderland-style set of distorted-size objects, a vague Jazz Age costume feel, and the following method of ball transportation:



So whether or not little firemen and witches and princesses show up at my door, I’ll be here this evening, listening to Prokofiev, and thinking—until November at least—about enchanted pumpkins.



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  1. If that isn’t Whole Foods I don’t know what is!! I miss that place!

    The other significant thing about today: Reformation Day. Which is pretty cool. 🙂

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