Local to-do: Cambridge Public Library Reopening

Sweet! The main branch of the Cambridge Public Library reopens this Sunday, November 8 from 2-5PM, after five years of renovations, closing, and shuffling the contents around between storage and other branch libraries. I’ve never been inside the main building at 449 Broadway, and from what I understand, if I had before, I wouldn’t recognize it now:

But I pass this massive, grand old building frequently, and the construction has been intriguing. Not to mention the quantity of books, the reading/work/meeting spaces, and the playground which replaced an ugly parking lot (now moved underground).  In Cambridge fashion (I love Cambridge!), the building has some impressive green stats:

  • The building is LEED certified
  • The new giant glass front is designed to insulate in winter and cool in summer
  • The interior lights are on a system that shuts off when there’s sufficient sunlight
  • The toilets and water fixtures are low-flow
  • AND 96% of the waste material from the renovations has been recycled or reused.

If you like the green building stuff, or even if you’re just mildly intrigued, check out this YouTube video on “passive building” in Freiburg, Germany, which I am convinced is Cambridge’s soulmate city.

Lastly, if you think that unfortunately, the CPL needs a copyeditor, you are correct:

All branched will be closed Nov. 9-14 to assist in the opening of the Main Library


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