Cambridge Needs a Copy Editor

I am in fact such a devoted Cambridgeophile that I have not removed myself from the city of Cambridge’s recycling and public works email list, despite having moved to Arlington nine months ago. And it’s not just e-apathy; (ha- wouldn’t that make a great slacker dating website? I actually read the newsletters—which is a boon today, because although it pains me to say so, Cambridge needs a copy editor.  Can you spot the point where household appliances turn into musical instruments?

Recycle Computers, TVs & Electronics

The Recycling Center at 147 Hampshire St (open Tues/Thurs 4-7:30pm & Sat 9-4pm) accepts broken household appliances including lamps, stereos, VCRs, hair dryers, answering machines, vacuums, etc.  Anything with a chord or battery operated device that one person can lift, but NO computer monitors or TVs.

As an added bonus, this email addresses my recent rodent woes in an unnerving manner.

Some neighborhoods have problems with rodents, which are an unavoidable part of life in any city.  In this context, it is very important to manage your compost bin and garden correctly to avoid problems.  DPW can provide a 3 foot square piece of wire mesh to place under your compost bin to prevent rodents from burrowing in.

The City is committed to confronting this problem by addressing rodent problems on public property, working to control rodents during construction projects, enforcing sanitary codes and ordinances, and educating the public.

Public education about rodents— awesome.  This Thanksgiving week, if you have good grammar and no mice, please: be thankful.


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  1. This really struck a chord… 😉

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