Sorrento’s Needs a Copy Editor

Although you should definitely get subs from Freehold, NJ, legend Sorrento’s, particularly on the day after Christmas or another major cooking holiday, you should not take grammar lessons from them.

a grammatical-failure doubleheader

The sign is handwritten, so it shouldn’t be a major expense for them to take care of this. First we have the unusual dropped “e” in “battered.”  Although you can’t see it in the image, someone did handwrite in the missing vowel, but it only draws attention to the flagrant misspelling.  I was so taken aback by “batterd” that my friend Gil had to point out to me the secondary offense of the possessive “straw’s.”

Really, though, the subs are amazing.


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One response to “Sorrento’s Needs a Copy Editor

  1. Ian

    Maybe a Subway employee came and put the sign up to make Sorrento’s look bad!

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