ENAC Roundup!

Just five days into the new year, early signs indicate that many, many people will need a copyeditor in 2010. But several alert readers have joined the crusade against incorrect punctuation and indefensible grammar. Here is a new year’s roundup of Everyone Needs a Copy Editor offenses, two submitted by you!

OK… Apparently the Harley-Davidson dealer in Scott City, Missouri, couldn’t spring for the possessive apostrophe in their women’s restroom sign. (Thank you, Katrina.) Maybe they can co-opt the one not actually needed by the “employee’s” of the United States Postal Service in Arlington, Massachusetts….

And although you wouldn’t expect it, the New York Times has misplaced a letter in the upper left of this screen shot sent in by Gil. However, because the NYT actually DOES have a copy editor, this page was quickly corrected.


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One response to “ENAC Roundup!

  1. Elisa

    It’s true…I need a copyeditor too! (especially when I send notes or post from my iPhone) I love your blog and I miss you!

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