Copyediting Takes No Holiday

The title of this post is true in more ways than one. First, despite my great respect for Martin Luther King, Jr., I put in a full day’s work today— for freelance me, a LONG day’s work, even.  Second, these two clips show that errors also take no holiday.  Here we go:

If you’re not into spelling, this one may not jump out at you. It obviously didn’t jump out at the employees of Boston Sports Club, Davis Square. But this photo earned its spot here for the creative spelling of “bulletin board.”

Moving on, today I looked for the first time at the label on the cord of my flat iron (hair straightener). How excited was I to see the urgency with which the makers of this product want me to “UNPLUGIT” before I take it into the bathtub with me?

Very excited.  Very, very excited.



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4 responses to “Copyediting Takes No Holiday

  1. Lori

    …just like my lemon dishwashing liquids tells me not to cook w/it or drink it!!!

  2. Livia

    UNPLUGIT as one word is pretty sweet too 🙂

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