Guest Post by Former Self

I went to Diesel today to write, but being distracted decided to organize some of my e-waste. There are massive folders on my laptop that were just dumps from former computers. I spent an hour today on one such folder. This hour prompted me to add a NEW new year’s resolution (it’s still January): LABEL FILES MORE DIRECTLY.  I have a terrible habit of naming files with whatever seems clever to me at the time and let me tell you, this is not wise.  I opened and closed so many Word docs today.  The highlight was finding the following passage I had typed in a file entitled “Plant Log” in June 2008. I did not have a blog back then, but feel strongly that this belongs on a blog, and so here it is: a guest post by former me. By way of background, while I have a strong love of plants, growing them has not proven my gift. This “log” was written in my former apartment building, which featured a tiny shared backyard that the long-term tenants were fiercely possessive of. Hence the part about sneaking out at night…

Plants Log

May 31 Pepper plant: thorough watering. Not watering the rosemary plant seems to be working for it, not sure what to do there. Also watered (lightly) rosemary plant.  It immediately began to turn black again.  I guess it hates water.

June 1 Planted one growing onion and a bunch of tomatillo seeds in the large low round terracotta pot.  Watered thoroughly.

June 3 Bought set of cauliflower and set of squash from Pemberton’s ($5.58).  Snuck out in the dark to try and plant a couple in the back yard but it was too tricky to see so I only got two cauliflower in the ground and who knows, they might be crooked. Not sure what will happen back there with the sun/shade situation, the crazy elderly neighbors situation, and the live animals situation.  Watered these, though it’s supposed to rain tonight too I think.

June 6 (Friday) watered all of them but not the rosemary.  Went away for weekend.

June 8 (Sunday) returned to find that tiny tomatillo sprouts are coming up in the indoor pot—way earlier than I thought. I planted them in little clumps- I hope that’s OK.  Watered the palm, onion/tomatillo pot, the weird plant, and spritzed the pepper.  The rosemary seemed beyond recovery (totally black) so I discarded it.  I planted tomatillos (not in clusters) in the long rectangular pot. Outside plants appear fine.

What was the “weird plant”? I’m not sure.  As best I recall, I spent that summer dodging dirty glances from a certain neighbor, watched the squash take off and then mysteriously perish, and realized that the things growing in the tomatillo pot were in fact weeds, which grew quite successfully.

May this post remind you, whatever your botanical gifts, that summer will come again, with sunlight, and seeds, and green, and dirt.

The gate to the tiny yard--pretty Secret Garden-esque for the city, huh?


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  1. I SOOOOO remember when you were trying to grow your secret garden by sneaking out at night to tend it! 🙂 Great post!

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