It’s wick!

We’ve had pounding rain the last few days, which has washed away much of the snow.  Outside our front gate, the Montauk Daisy I planted this past fall emerged, and to my utter delight, it has green buds!

Neither winter or I killed the plant! Hooray! When I saw its little green miracles, until recently obscured by snow, I couldn’t help but think of the scene in The Secret Garden where Mary and Dickon find their way into the garden and discover that though the garden has been untended for some time, some plants still survive:

“That one?” she said. “Is that one quite alive quite?”

Dickon curved his wide smiling mouth.

“It’s as wick as you or me,” he said; and Mary remembered that Martha had told her that “wick” meant “alive” or “lively.”

“I’m glad it’s wick!” she cried out in her whisper. “I want them all to be wick. Let us go round the garden and count how many wick ones there are.”

-The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett

The fact that we’re getting rain, not snow, is a sign that the worst of winter may be past. (Do February showers bring March flowers?) And temperatures have been in the high thirties, not the high twenties. So although March 21 is technically a month off, I have decided that spring is a mindset, and I am in it. I have taken down the decorative snowflakes, replaced the snowman kitchen towel with a bright yellow one, and even put away a couple of the rolled-up blankets which were acting as added insulation at the base of the back doors. Call me crazy, but I was miserable with winter in January—our house was freezing, I’ve had a wretched cold, and the darkness was really bringing me down—so I am gunning for spring. I’m glad to know the yard is with me.



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2 responses to “It’s wick!

  1. dad

    here to the south (NJ) where we are yet today threatened with more snow/ice we anxiously await the chance to check out plants that have been buried for weeks on end. I wholeheartedly support your aggressive approach to ushering in Spring early!

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