First Wrinkle: I Don’t Exist.

Or, rather, the people who say I exist aren’t important enough.  Yesterday I wrote about how we need to get these apostilles and that requires resubmitting our birth certificates to the states who issued them.  I was all proud because I had mine in a plastic bag in a file marked “VITAL” in a filing cabinet in my basement and found it really fast.  Tim was relieved (because sometimes I can’t find stuff) and took all our documents to ship them away.

It turns out, my birth certificate, from San Francisco circa 1981, is signed by a doctor. And the state of California mandates that they have to be signed by an official of some sort, not just a physician. But there have been differences in regulations between different counties in the state, and so mine is only signed by a doctor. So basically although California issued the certificate and authenticated it, they can’t accept it.  We have to send my not-adequate one back to them and then they will send me a better one.  Don’t even ask me to explain why California is being so hard on itself.

All I know is, my identity is suddenly much more mysterious.



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4 responses to “First Wrinkle: I Don’t Exist.

  1. Who’s that lady? (Who’s that lady??) Sorry for the wrinkle – but at least it gives you some writing material! (Not to mention some mystery!)

    PS: Am I the only one who feverishly proofreads her comments on Meghan’s blog??? Can’t be.

  2. Lori

    My four kids will all have the same issue, should they find themselves moving out of country. They were all born in CA…all signed by physicians.

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