And so it begins.

See you later, serving dishes.

The game of pack, sell, or store is on. PACK goes to the NL. We’re not packing any of that stuff yet, because it’s—in theory—the vital stuff.  SELL is furniture on Craigslist (“For thou, furniture, art from Craigslist, and to Craigslist you must return…”) and a few random things on eBay. STORE will go to a storage unit to await our return to the US, theoretically in about three years.

I’ve been wrestling with STORE because, well, if we don’t need stuff for three years, do we need it at all? And I guess in the “need” sense, the answer is no. But a lot of it is “life” stuff that is either sentimental or was given to us for our wedding. We’re not going to move nice dishes (um, what’s left of them) or framed art to Europe, or family keepsakes or oodles of photo albums from before the blessed digital camera. But there will be a lot of life beyond three years from now (or so we hope!) and we’ll be glad to have the sentimental and wedding stuff for the future.

Mostly I’ve dealt with books so far, because we own a ton of books and it’s easy to decide what I want on hand (I’ll post later what books make the final cut) and what can get stored. Several bags of books also went to the Arlington Library book sale. There has been a fair amount of stuff generated for donation and trash, too (but no way to work that catchily into the title of the game). Tim said it would be awesome if we could weigh the total quantity of our stuff from week to week and see it go down—The Biggest Loser, House Edition.

As I sealed that box in the photo with some serving dishes (STORE), I had a reflective moment wondering what life will be like when I open that box again, when that will be, where I’ll be. I have absolutely no idea.

There’s no news on the technical aspects of the move because now we’re in the “waiting for paperwork” stage. Tim Skyped (we are Skype newbies) with a German friend now living in Leiden, NL, on Saturday and got some helpful tips on moving companies. We need to provide Tim’s employer with three moving quotes, and we can’t get those quotes until we have a much clearer sense of what quantity of stuff is going.  Hence the separating.



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4 responses to “And so it begins.

  1. I thought the exact same thing as you: I wonder when she will open that box again! Will those be rediscovered treasures or will she think “I saved these?” Where will she be? Yada, yada, yada. I also love the idea of the Biggest Loser. I think moving is the WORST but it’s so necessary to help keep me (I’ll speak for myself) from packing too much unnecessary stuff. Simplicity rocks.

    • unquiettime

      Because of some sadistic organizational streak, I actually like moving. I also really like fresh starts, new scenery… hence my so many moves in Boston, probably.

  2. claire

    oh wow, Meghan! It’s really interesting to hear about your packing to move to Europe when I’m just now feeling like I’m more settled back in the US.

    Are you putting my old dresser on Craigslist? Maybe it’s already been sold? That would be the second time that dresser was sold to support a move across the Atlantic!

    • unquiettime

      Claire, that would have been so awesome! We don’t have the dresser anymore, though. It went back to Craigslist a while ago. When we got married it was like furniture-fest… we had way too much (unmatched) furniture. I do still have your bookcase, and Tim really likes it so we’ll see what happens…

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