You Need Copy Editors on Road Trips

This weekend I went on the road to New Jersey. Some of the blog readers were on the road, too, and our collective experiences prove that travel is fraught with potential typos.

When stopped at a traffic light, always check to see if a nearby vehicle has a dysfunctional acronym. Thanks, Becky. And if you’re like me and this business name just doesn’t click for you, solve the mystery here.

Getting a nutritious lunch on the road can be challenging.  But there’s no need to resort to the fried crap.

Make sure you see both instances.

And lastly, don’t steal letters from sign boards. People will be left without the “eggact” combination of letters they need. Thanks, Katrina.

Coming tonight or tomorrow, an actual update on our moving process.  Stay tuned and happy Tuesday.



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2 responses to “You Need Copy Editors on Road Trips

  1. Scott

    Seems to me the ‘EGGACTLY’ was intentionally spelled wrong in an effort to be cute for Easter. Sometimes video games and DVD’s have hidden features called ‘Easter Eggs’. Seems this person tried for the same effect on this sign.

  2. unquiettime

    I think so too, but I think for the full effect it should have been “eggsactly” or some such…

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