New Year’s Resolution: Check *and* Local To-Do: James Joyce Ramble

I apologize to anyone who was concerned that I might have perished during Sunday’s five mile run. I am happy to say that I met my goal, which was to run the whole way without having to stop and walk!  I think there is some kind of adrenaline that kicks in when you’re out there with (literally) 1,000 people all plugging along together.  Well, I was plugging along with the other people who run ten- to eleven-minute miles.  I felt pretty good from the start through mile three… then had to run through some self-doubt and cramps… then finished strong!  I got passed by 707 of those other people, finished 708th with 52:42.  I’m not going to set any records for speed, but I can run five miles!

My sister is pretty much addicted to races.  She runs or volunteers at them almost every weekend, and what I have learned from her is that there is so much more to the races than a bunch of people running a certain distance. Often there is an unusual theme, live music or other entertainment, or the opportunity to accomplish some bizarre physical feat like running through a swamp or running overnight or running all the way from one end of Vermont to the other.  Running the Cambridge City Run was, for me, a way of starting to say good-bye to Cambridge, since part of the course went around the reservoir where I used to run, back when two miles nearly decked me.

[Note on photo: Yes, I only have one running outfit. (Scroll down.) But don’t I look less on the brink of death in this more recent shot?]

I may be in danger of catching running fever, but yesterday I discovered the James Joyce Ramble. Its history is as follows (from the site):

Over the long cold winter of 1983-84, avid runner and James Joyce fan Martin Casimir Hanley of Dedham was struggling through Finnegans Wake when the thought occurred to him that this was as tough as training for a race… Voila! The James Joyce Ramble was conceived.

The 10K race is held in Dedham in late April, and as you run the course actors perform scenes from Joyce works at each mile. It ends, fittingly, with “The Dead” (my personal favorite!). I figure, if I could run five miles, I could probably run six, right?…



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5 responses to “New Year’s Resolution: Check *and* Local To-Do: James Joyce Ramble

  1. Yes! What’s one more mile when you have adrenaline pumping and, in the Ramble, on-course entertainment (which can only be appreciated by the middle-back pack who run steady enough to enjoy it)?!

    You may have to get another running outfit, as awesome and faithful as that one has been. By the end of April it will (hopefully) be a bit warmer! My suggestion- another bright color so we can easily pack out more rockin’ race photos 🙂

    One of my favorite quotes, from one of the gutsiest runners:
    Most people run a race to see who is fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts. (Steve Prefontaine)

  2. And by ‘pack’ I mean ‘pick.’

  3. Yay Meghan!! That is awesome, you did amazing!!! You can do 6. Go for the 10k.

  4. dad

    Personally, I would be better served to avoid the camera staff near the end of races… probably early in races too if I think about it. GO MEG!!!

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