Instances of Open Flame

This weekend was marked by a strong showing by the sun, the return of baseball, and two instances of open flame.  In the wise words of The Sandlot, “None of us could figure out what it meant, but we were all amazed by it.”

First, on Saturday, I made my way to Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge for an elusive spice. Parking across the street I was surprised to see a mob on the sidewalk and wondered if I would be able to get inside the cramped store. Closer inspection revealed that the mob was not trying to get inside the store, but was waiting to buy fresh-off-the-grill barbecue and sides, being cooked right there on the sidewalk. The smell was heavenly and the line was long. I think I’ve heard of this before, and that it may be a weekly thing, but FK’s website is elusive on the subject, saying only that there was barbecue this Saturday from 11:00-2:30ish.

Photo not doing justice to the BBQ being served up on Saturday

Sunday was Easter, and I headed off to church to celebrate the resurrection, attending a fabulous service at 10AM (which you can listen to online!). There was supposed to be another equally fabulous service at 11:30AM, but around 11:20 the power went out in the crowded sanctuary. People started looking at each other (in the dark) and whispering about what was going on. The pastor got up and said first that the power was out (confirming everyone’s sensory experience) and then a few minutes later that the problem was not the power in our building, but that a transformer down the street had blown, and the fire department was asking us to evacuate the building. And so we all trooped outside and saw the following:

It was a strange sight, but with no more to do there we went home, roasted a turkey, sold a flugel horn on craigslist, watched baseball, and heard that my brother survived his first earthquake in California. A surprising weekend, to say the least.


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