Move Update 4.9

For the last week or so the move hasn’t been seeming very real. That initial glow of “We’re moving to Europe!” faded away as regular work continued, regular life continued, and my paperwork languished somewhere in an office in California, gathering cobwebs and waiting for the recession to end.  I haven’t posted anything about our move because there hasn’t been anything new to report—until yesterday.

Maybe progress comes in spurts. We have a bunch of furniture on craigslist and nothing has been selling, which has been discouraging because 1. we need to get rid of it / 2. we were hoping to pick up a little cash. I was starting to think craigslist was failing me, and it has never failed me before. This was emotionally confusing. Then yesterday two pieces of furniture sold, a table and a filing cabinet. Within an hour two buyers (one snooty) had come and gone and left two empty spaces where furniture used to be. All of a sudden I wasn’t sure how I felt about selling the furniture anymore. Maybe I liked that table. Maybe we should have kept it.  And so on. (I’ve also been having sentimental feelings about our apartment, because on sunny spring days it is the prettiest little place you’ll ever see.)

Then in the mail came—lo and behold—an envelope from California. The one remaining paid state employee out there had processed my apostille! We’ve had Tim’s for weeks now but have been sitting on it (not literally—we haven’t sold the futon yet) so that we can send them as one unit. So now all of a sudden the visa process is moving again.

And the housing process is moving, too. TU Delft’s temporary housing service just transitioned to functioning online (Aren’t they a technical university?) and we had to wait until April 6 to submit our online application. For the first two days the online site had a lot of glitches and Tim kept calling the NL and they would say, “We are having online glitches.” But as of yesterday the site was actually up and functioning, so we were able to take another step there.

Lastly, a MOVER is coming on Monday! My first mover! (We have to get three quotes.) I am supposed to walk him around the house and say, “Yes, no, no, no, yes, yes, no…” to everything we own.  That means this weekend some decisions must be made.


Unfortunately for me, the impending move has pushed us to take care of some things we have been putting off for a long time.  Things like… getting my wisdom teeth out. I have been dodging this one for years. But good insurance + unknown dentists of Europe have resulted in an appointment for this coming Tuesday morning. Am I psyched? NO. Emphatically not. I am convinced I will be the 1% of people who wind up with facial paralysis or something. If you have had your wisdom teeth out, please share recovery tips (not horror stories!!!) here.

And finally, speaking of horror stories, has anyone else noticed that Major League Baseball now has a product partnership with Victoria’s Secret Pink? This is almost as upsetting to me as oral surgery.



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8 responses to “Move Update 4.9

  1. Lori

    My wisdom teeth came out without a hitch.

  2. Andrea

    This is not a horror story, but just a suggestion: if it hurts more than you expect it to, you are NOT being a wimp, and you should go back to them for more drugs. I had a “dry socket,” didn’t realize it, and tried to deal with it for a couple of days, but as soon as I went back to them, they gave me some sort of clove oil that made it so much better. So don’t be afraid to ask!

    Really, though: ice and smoothies and bad movies on TV. You should be fine!

  3. My wisdom teeth also came out just fine-you’ll be fine. Just prepare to eat smoothies and soups for several days. I tried steak about 3 days after-not smart. And take the medication. It’s good stuff.

    I am glad to hear things are going well with the move! Especially the CA paperwork (by the way-that was all me pulling for you out here).

  4. Katie

    Go out and get yourself six of those soft sport ice packs, the ones that you can wrap around your entire head. You should strap those puppies on at all times. You’ll need the other four to be in the freezer on standby. Those things helped me more than percocet. We didn’t have enough standby ones for me and I ace-bandaged peas to my face. When Beth got hers out a few years ago, I was prepared.
    On the flip side, I wasn’t loving really cold food. I liked mashed potatos and warm chicken/veggie broth. And if your stomach is easily…um…stopped up, I would reccomend getting some prune juice cuz you ain’t gettin’ much fiber.
    And a note for Tim: The immediate post-surgical situation can go either way. I woke up sobbing, but Beth was hilarious (and remembered nothing).

  5. becky

    I’ve had all 5 wisdom teeth out, yes I somehow had 5 (due to genetics). Anyway, the first 2 of the first 4 were impacted and caused some swelling, but the drugs worked (lots o’ tylenol.. none of the heavy duty stuff). The 5th one was a painless 5 minutes in the office last summer. Anyway, soft foods are a must for first day to three days and then you will be fine. 🙂

  6. I will wait to tell you my wisdom teeth story until after yours is all over.

    I’m certain it will go well for you (mostly because your teeth are not impacted)!

  7. Betsy

    All four of my teeth were impacted and I was fine. I second Katie’s advice about buying the sport packs and rotating them from the freezer to your jaw and back.

    I took the painkillers for the first dose and then switched to Advil. I spent the first day dozing and icing my jaw, and the first few days just on soup and smoothies and other dairy-free liquids. I had rented maybe 5 movies ahead of time and got some quality films in. This would also be a good time to rent TV shows on DVD.

    Good luck! I am sure it will go well for you, Meg. Just be sure not to eat solid food before you are allowed.

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