Greetings from Insanity

Right now:

Everything in the downstairs of my house is covered in drop cloths and dust, because masons are in the process of redoing our fireplace. They ripped out the old one, oh, two weeks ago… but putting in the new one just began yesterday.

I am sitting upstairs on my bed, but need to go and find someplace to camp out for the afternoon because 1. it’s freezing in here, because the door to the yard has been open all day / 2. I am way too amused and distracted by the Irish masonry crew singing along to Taylor Swift.

Outside in the yard is a rotating cement mixer and also a notable lack of fence. Our fence is in rotting pieces on the curb, because that’s being replaced too, by an entirely different crew who are also stomping around evaluating things with long critical stares. I am glad for the re-fence because we need to rent this apartment, and I think the ugly peeling fence is an immediate turn-off for people who come and look. If you know anyone who needs a 1BR in Arlington for June 1, send them this way. (New fence! New fireplace!)

I am drinking a giant juice smoothie because, as of Tuesday, I can’t chew normal food. This, we have learned, makes me hungry and cranky. The wisdom tooth removal itself was not pleasant, but OK, I guess. The after-effects haven’t been too painful, despite the promises of the oral surgeon that I would be in dire condition, especially on the side where they had to break up the tooth to get it out.  I’ve felt surprisingly fine, and been waiting for the shoe to drop, but it’s been three days now. The downer is that the feeling in half my lip hasn’t come back, and it is driving me nuts, partly from the annoyance of not feeling it and partly from fear of how long it will last. The oral surgeon assures me that this is somewhat common and usually rectifies itself over an unknown period of time. Until then, I’ll be the one drooling and not noticing it. And although I’m not in much pain, I can’t really chew because my cheeks are still a bit puffy and stiff.

Things I have consumed: a quart-size carton of potato-leek soup, a quart-size carton of broccoli soup (gross), lots of juice and smoothies and lukewarm coffee and finally some macaroni and cheese, which I mostly slurped rather than chewed.

Things I would like to consume: zucchinis, bagels, beef, robusto cheese, tofu, chocolate in all forms.

Movers who came this week for estimates: 1.
Movers coming next week: 2.

In conclusion, happy Friday! And may your weekend be restful, full of chewy foods, and way less crazy than mine!



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2 responses to “Greetings from Insanity

  1. Kevin

    Chocolate milk.
    Chocolate shake.
    Chocolate syrup straight from the container.
    Chocolate fondue, but skip the dipping part.
    Le Whif

  2. Ugh, I need to get on the wisdom teeth thing too, especially now that I have insurance.

    Feel better!

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