Favorite Boston/ To Revisit Before Move

As we come toward our last month in Boston, I seem to more and more frequently find myself driving around and suddenly caught by a Boston memory, or passing a favorite restaurant, park, or square. I have realized there are some rites of farewell which must be performed, and that has led to the following list:

Favorite Boston/ To Revisit Before Move

Café: Bloc 11 (I’m there all the time, so I think the revisiting is checked off.)

Ice Cream: Christina’s (Flavor: Khulfi or Burnt Sugar)

Shopping: Life hasn’t been the same since the downtown Filene’s closed. Automatic markdowns were the lifeblood of my post-college wardrobe, which is still trying to recover.

Eat Out: DaliCambridge Common

Take-Out: Guru (which in 2010 edged out Punjabi Dhaba’s long-held place in my heart), Dave’s Fresh Pasta

Notable will-misses: Atasca, Oleana, Tango

Bakery: Sofra

Entertainment: Boston Ballet (too much to hope they’re doing Cinderella again before we go—we’ve seen it twice)

Notable will-miss: Boston Pops Holiday Concert

Sports: Fenway Park, of course. From my first scalping experience (standing room only tickets to the Don Zimmer fight game in 2003) to the incredible gift of tickets to the State Street Pavilion during the playoffs, Fenway memories are in a class by themselves. I hope we can add one more before June.

Personal: Tour of past apartments. I have it in my mind to spend a day in pilgrimage, starting at Ivy Street in Brookline and winding up here in Arlington and stopping at all five places in between, remembering those years and saying farewell (and in some cases—Ivy Street—good riddance).

What am I forgetting? I’ll probably add to this list. Bostoners, would what you miss if you left?


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One response to “Favorite Boston/ To Revisit Before Move

  1. Kevin

    I think the proper term is “Bostonian”. Not sure I have ever heard “Bostoners” before. Personally, we would miss fried clams from any of the many establishments we frequent on and near Cape Ann.

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