Belated Earth Day Edition

In honor of Earth Day, let’s try and keep the environmental typos to a minimum, OK?

This Alabamian pool sign could become a game of How Many Errors Can You Find? but for today’s purposes, we’re focusing on the anmials… and keeping them out of the pool area. When you see signs like this, just remember: everything that appears in print was approved by someone.

And from my local gas station, a well-intended reminder to keep things safe for you and the enviroment.

And lastly, in case you missed it, there was a culinary typo this week receiving global media attention. In this article, the publisher of the cookbook calling for “freshly ground black people” is quoted as saying it was probably the result of a computer spell-checker auto-correcting to the wrong word. All I can say about that is, and you know it, that publisher needed a copy editor.



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2 responses to “Belated Earth Day Edition

  1. Katie

    Okay. So it is not quite a copyediting thing, but here is a funny bit from Paula Poundstone about how everything stupid you’ve ever seen is actually the polished draft. Oh my, I love Paula.

    How’s your MOUTH!?

  2. unquiettime

    I think that all the time! (Someone wrote this… Someone was paid MONEY to write this… Someone said, “Yup, this idea’s the winner…”) It boggles the mind. My teeth are OK. I am still missing some feeling in my lip (I knew it!) so I have a checkup this week. I am also still having some pain on one side, so hopefully they can tell me if that’s just still healing, or if, Houston, we have a problem.

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