Putting Out Fires

It seems like each week some new item on our list is way urgent. But then as we look back, we see them resolve and fade in the rearview mirror. Here is a brief update:

Apartment- rented. All of you (except one person!) have missed out, because in honor of our leaving (or not, but at a coincident time), our landlord is totally decking the place out! New shingles, new windows, new fence, new fireplace… We are a little jealous that we will not get to partake of the revamped home.

Mover- booked. You may know them as Gentle Giant. (Tim literally asked the woman: “So, how gentle IS gentle giant?”… In reference to my worries about my packing job not being good enough should a box take a tumble.) Their reviews are quite good; hopefully we will add one for them.

Burning questions- visas. Still waiting on these. The university is applying for them on our behalf, which is supposed to make it go quicker, but it feels like time gets shorter and shorter. And we can’t book our plane tickets until we’ve got these. It is funny that the one thing that makes the whole process official is possibly the last thing to happen.

Running- remember I was getting all into running? Well, then I stopped for nearly three weeks because after I had my wisdom teeth out, running produced a sensation like someone was driving spikes in my head. Mercifully this has now passed, but it seems like all my running prowess went down the drain in the interim. I’ve gone out a couple times this week and felt rotten and not run as far.

Tis all for now.


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One response to “Putting Out Fires

  1. claire

    oh wow, Meghan! Your move is getting so close.

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