I thought there wasn’t much to say about our move prep lately, but I overlooked one major sporting event: the World Cup. In preparation for living in Europe, I have been trying to learn soccer-love by immersion. Obviously I’m rooting for the Netherlands (and the USA) because if they’re still in it toward the beginning of July, we’ll be in the NL to head out to the pub and catch the match with the locals. (Which I can only assume is a good way to make some good friends fast.)

We got up at 7 a.m. to watch the NL and Denmark game this morning, horn at the ready. Because at Tim’s going-away party, someone gave him an orange vuvuzela. A few thousand or so of these create that constant buzz you hear when you watch the World Cup games on TV. They’re pretty much irresistible to blow once in your hand, so Tim, my sister, and I exercised our fandom in residential New Jersey all weekend. We even discovered an important fact: dogs like them. We were sounding the horn on the back deck, and dogs all over the neighborhood were going nuts.

Here, Lianne and I demonstrate the proper form of blowing the (collapsible!) vuvuzela:

Although one vuvuzela is quite a blast (ha, ha), not everyone is as enamored with them as we are, and in bulk (so claims Wikipedia), the traditional South African horns are “associated with noise-induced permanent hearing loss.” However, our cheery vuvuzela will live to honk another day, since the NL defeated Denmark 2–0!



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2 responses to “Vuvuzela!

  1. Devon

    It’s like the collapsible cello we always wanted to invent!!

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