Monday Double Post

As I rode my bike this morning past the following animals

it occurred to me that maybe posting about how I got spices wasn’t the most interesting thing ever (though I remain fiercely excited about it). Lest you think that all I do in the Netherlands is navigate grocery stores, I will add that this weekend we visited den Haag/ the Hague. Twelve minutes from Delft by train, den Haag is much more city-like and also the seat of various international courts. (I learned recently that International Justice Mission, an organization I much admire, has an office there! Hmm…)

On Saturday Tim and I visited the Mauritshuis, a small but famous art museum in den Haag. There you can see several Rembrandts and normally two (but currently five!) Vermeers, including the Girl with a Pearl Earring and the View of Delft. They are absolutely stunning in person. I got a little (and unexpectedly) teary standing in the room looking at them and feeling overwhelmed by how beautifully and skillfully they are made, by someone four hundred years ago. Usually after I have an experience like that at a museum I am kind of done for the day, artistically…. I like to find one or two things and appreciate them immensely rather than try and take in two hundred paintings. (But there was also this collection of family portraits that was intriguing.)

Here are a couple pics from our day in den Haag.

(That's me in the white.)

I enjoy a good fountain.



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2 responses to “Monday Double Post

  1. Kevin

    Regarding the third photo, those buildings are gorgeous. Being right on the water I was expecting the walls near the water line to be much more dirty. I don’t know how old those buildings are (pretty old I expect) but it looks like they get cleaned daily.

  2. Hi Meghan!
    I’m even interested in the spices you are trying to find in the grocery store!
    Love to read your blog and see what you’re up to.

    I’m still in L.A. I head back to North Bangor a week from today.

    Lynne and Mike are adjusting admirably to their newborn…but…they are the usual sleep deprived parents!

    I keep thinking about where you are…write about your apartment.

    Much love…Judy :):)

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