Two Weeks and Three Years

Yesterday marked two weeks since we arrived here. Delft is slowly but surely beginning to feel like home. I was riding home on my bike yesterday with a loaf of bread sticking out one saddlebag, some cheese and beer and fresh produce and a book from the library in the other, wishing I could see myself and thinking how quickly new routines can become “normal.”

This morning as I rode through the market square I saw a couple taking wedding pictures out in front of the ancient town hall. I’ve noticed that happening most days here and gathered that weddings aren’t restricted to weekends. I’ve read, too, that in the Netherlands a marriage is only legal after you have it said at town hall (religious ceremony doesn’t count in the eyes of the law!). When I passed this morning’s happy couple, I thought: They have the same anniversary as us!

Cheers, Tim!

Today is Tim’s and my three-year anniversary. We have already celebrated by giving each other Dutch greeting cards with incorrect sentiments (one I think just says “hearty congratulations,” which isn’t so bad; the other it turns out is actually a birthday card). Tonight we’re going to go out to dinner, perhaps at the tapas restaurant where we dined on Valentine’s Day when we were here as guests. It’s amazing how life can change on you in just a few years!

Dutch wedding getaway vehicle



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6 responses to “Two Weeks and Three Years

  1. Dad

    Cheers from across the pond. Your adventure together is just beginning.

  2. Lianne

    “Hearty Congratulations” from NJ (soon-to-be California)!
    Love you guys!!

  3. Happy Anniversary, you two. Your wedding was delightful….loved the whole thing. I especially remember walking across the street and being down by the water….and I remember the CUPCAKES….and being with family. Just the best. Thankyou for that day three years ago.

    I love hearing about Delft, Meghan! You make it come alive.

    Have a great dinner out tonight….and remember your past year together. It’s been a BIG one.

    Much love to you both,
    Cousin Judy :):)

  4. Cathryn

    Many congratulations! You’re strong people, and when I heard you were moving to Delft, I thought you two would be the perfect couple for such an adventure! Am loving hearing about life there!

  5. Katrina

    Happy Anniversary!! So exciting! Chris and I are just a few weeks from our 2nd. I am loving the Delft entries too! Love you girl!!

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