Back on the Menu

This week we made some major progress in our new routine, by introducing…

American-style coffee! Our apartment came with this little Senseo pod brewer (popular here and apparently expensive—we saw ours in a store for E70!). You stick a packet in it and push a button and it makes you one little dense (sadly, aroma-less) cup of frothy coffee. For the first week I was fairly taken by it, and by the simplicity of the machine. But the thing is, I like to sip my coffee for a long time; preferably at least the entire morning. So I’d drain two turbo-blast mini coffees in no time flat, and not be satisfied, but for caffeine’s sake hold off on consuming more.

This weekend I asked Tim if we could buy a “regular” coffee maker, and he agreed. Drip-brewers aren’t hard to find here, but they’re very basic (no additional functions like a clock, timed brewing, grinding) unless you want to drop more than a hundred Euros (which we did not). So for the reasonable cost of E24.95, we brought home this cheery brewer (shown here eclipsing on the left his Senseo counterpart).

While the Dutch favor a slightly different style than Americans (one European Tim met described American coffee as “brown water”), they do love their coffee. People will drink it at any time of day, and it is offered to you wherever you go: a work meeting, the bank, a nice shop. I’ve found, to my dismay, that it’s not cost-effective to buy it out: a cup of coffee at the library or at the cafe will cost me E2.50–a huge overcharge, in my opinion. I would only allow myself Starbucks for $1.79 a couple times a week. But the home brewing operation is up and running, and when the movers arrive they’ll bring our trusty Thermoses. Now if only we could figure out the mystery of half-and-half…

In other notes of progress, we opened a bank account this morning (a very pleasant appointment—coffee was offered—which took two solid hours), and I am going to go this afternoon to turn in the application for my transit off-peak discount pass. Please note that while I will refer to it as “the off-peak discount pass,” it actually carries the entire name of:


The voordeelurenabonnement has a couple functions: 1. It gives residents a hefty discount on train rates at non-commuter times. 2. It acts like Boston’s Charlie Card; you load it up like a debit and use it to get on and off public transportation. Some vehicles (like the tram) won’t take cash, so you need the card. I worked a while understanding the process and filling out the Dutch form, so I am excited to turn it in. Small victories!



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4 responses to “Back on the Menu

  1. Lianne

    Yay for small victories!! Success!

  2. Jo Ann

    That is one cool coffee maker! I like the style, and really, who needs the clock if it makes great coffee? ‘Nuf said! But, ooohhh, I bet the coffee choices in Delft are very interesting!

  3. Hi Meghan and Tim,
    I enjoy your posts! And I’m a coffee lover, so this one I related to….it looks like a convenience you will savor over and over.

    While in CA. (I’m back in North Bangor now)….I enjoyed Mike/Lynne’s Keruig coffee maker and K-cups….they got me one for my birthday, and I have yet to unpack it and figure it all out. I’ll ‘do that tomorrow’….after jet-lag has worn off a little.

    I miss my little family in Los Angeles. Seems so funny to be home now…my brain is still with THEM.

    Have fun with your coffee, you two!

    Your Cousin,
    Judy :):)

  4. Hi Meghan and Tim,
    Just unpacked my Keurig…and am enjoying Gloria Jean’s Hazelnut cup of coffee…didn’t have any half-n-half…so I broke into an evaporated milk in my pantry…not too shabby, when I’m dying for a cup of coffee.

    I wondered what a Euro represents in American $$$. I suspect it’s much more than a dollar? Like an English pound maybe. Hm-m…pricey.

    I’d better ‘do the next thing’! (Not quite as BUSY here as in L.A.!)

    Judy :):)

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