Appliance Comprehension Fail.


On the left-hand side we have:

Crease resistant

very dry
unit dry
iron dry
super-short, and of course,

In the center:

Off. (Check.)

And on the right:

White wash/ colored wash

extra dry
plus drying cabinet (???)
unit dry, and
iron dry.

This is one of those instances where translating the words does not in any way explain why your clothes come out damp no matter what cycle you blindly choose. The washer has proved more user-friendly, although the first time I ran a load in it I also ran upstairs in alarm and asked Tim to come “check on it” for me because it had been running so long, I thought maybe you had to stop it manually or something. It turns out European washers have longer cycles (though are supposedly water-efficient). Thanks to this blog for helping me stop freaking out.

And why is it SportsEdition?



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3 responses to “Appliance Comprehension Fail.

  1. Katie

    Aw, little friend.
    I don’t know, but I will tell you when we did our laundry in Portugal on the Norweigan washer and dryer, the washer barely spun the clothes and the dryer was about as useful as running a hair dryer over the clothes.
    So I would say maybe drying racks are the answer. Or maybe a clothes line.

  2. unquiettime

    Wow, what a multicultural laundry experience… 🙂 That sounds like our dryer. We’ve been using racks. Stairwells. Backs of chairs.

  3. Jo Ann

    “Sports Edition”? Is there a Gatorade dispenser on the side? A bike rack on the back? A Yankees logo, perhaps? Does LeBron James come out and sort the clothes for you? If “no” to all of the above, you’ve got me…unless, since the drying seems to be less than optimal, maybe “sports edition” indicates that you, the user, must take your semi-damp laundry and run around outside, wildly waving it till it dries completely. That would be great exercise, no?

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