Maand een! . . . and Spontaneous Brugge

We left the US one month ago today! Let’s give a little celebration for the successful first month—because if you’ve moved cold-turkey to a new place (I’m thinking of my move to Boston in 2003), the first month has the potential to be very, very bad. And ours has been surprisingly drama-free.

Here are some notable accomplishments of Month One (Maand Een), in no significant order:

  • Got our BS numbers, which is something like our SSNs back home (or so I think). This enabled us to…
  • Open a bank account, which means Tim gets paid.
  • Learned some Dutch words. Hoping to learn a lot more soon—going to an informational meeting today to learn about a course we might qualify to take for free.
  • Got my library card. Used it plenty.
  • Bought bikes and remembered how to ride them.
  • Successfully completed Dutch paperwork for our rail discount card, Rail Plus card, and grocery store bonus card!
  • Found a church we really like.
  • Conquered the setting up of our home Internet… no small feat, with no real tech support and instructions in Dutch and my computer being strangely (for a Mac) uncooperative.
  • Used said Internet to watch SportsCenter online.
  • Booked and took our first getaway, since we’re in Europe, after all! …That’s right, we spent the past three days in Brugge, Belgium. Check back soon for more on that, and here’s a couple teasers in the meantime.



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2 responses to “Maand een! . . . and Spontaneous Brugge

  1. Linda

    Awesome church! I’d been thinking about that lately. Glad you found one. How long is the commute?

    • unquiettime

      Hi Linda, Well… we’re still figuring out the best way to get to our church. We take the train about 15 minutes, which isn’t bad, but then right now we walk a mile. All find and good in the summer time, but one day of bad weather and I think we’ll be done with that. I think there are other public transportation options that get us closer but we don’t understand them yet.

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