Rain and (Very Italian) Pizza

For the past week or so, we have had rain nearly every day; and nearly every day at some point the rain is really intense. I find it beautiful and fascinating and keep hoping at night for more of that crazy, roof-pounding deluge that sounds so peaceful and… nature-like. Natural. I like it.

I spent a long time the other night leaning out our window trying to take photos that captured the amazing rain, and mostly failed. [I’m open to advice, camera buffs!]  This one is out our window, looking down into the alley with rain running down the cobblestones under the streetlight.

Last night (not rainy) we went to dinner with—gasp!—friends. Yes: the beginnings of a social life are forming. It’s very exciting. Our friends have lived in the Netherlands longer than we have, and they suggested a favorite pizza place in den Haag: VIP, or, Very Italian Pizza.

Not far from the central station, this place felt more like a bustling cafeteria when we walked in around 7:30 on a Friday night. Nearly every seat taken, loud conversations, waiters weaving between tables. We had to talk pretty loud, but the atmosphere was fun, and we got a table right near the front windows on the upper floor. I ordered the Italia pizza, with pancetta, spinach, and mozzarella; and a glass of wine from Orvieto, because my friend studied art there.

This pizza was delicious. Thin crust, crispy edges, not too oozy with cheese or sauce, generous on the toppings. Service was good, considering especially how full the place was, and the pizzas fit well into our budget (E5-10). So good! We are officially adding this to the list of “our” new places.


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