On the Road Again…

It’s still raining as we pack up our suitcases for the first time since we unloaded into this apartment on July 6. This week is the Big Transition, and it should end with us a lot more settled. We have to be out of our temporary digs at 11 a.m. on August 31. After much ado, we did find a longer-term rental that seems to suit us well. I have been hesitant to say much about it because though we expressed our interest in the rental on August 10, we only got a contract (lease) this Friday, and we are meeting our agent to sign it tomorrow. It’s been a much more drawn-out process than any rental I had in Boston. But, hopefully, all’s well that ends well!

The tricky bit occurs in the middle of the week. We can’t move into our new place until September 3 because the landlord wants to do some work between tenants. Then there might be some lingering work for a few days, but at least we can live there. (Curiously, we have no clue what the work is….) We were hoping to be able to pay for a couple extra nights at our current place, but someone else rented it, so we have to scoot. We’re going to stay for three nights at a farmish B&B on the outskirts of town, eating organic breakfast and the like. Ideally, it’ll be a quiet interlude, and then Friday is the Big Day: we move into our long-term place, AND the movers bring our stuff! I cannot wait to see all my miscellaneous junk (and non-junk) again: Clothes. Books. Photos. Kitchen goodies. Christmas lights. Who even knows what else is in there?!

I’m excited to see our new apartment again, too. You know when you visit a place once, and have to decide if you want to live there, and then some time goes by and you start to wonder, was it really a good place? What did I miss when I looked around? What will we discover when we move in? It’s a happy-nervous sort of feeling.

In between blitzing rain and wild thunderstorms, Tim snapped this photo out our window this weekend.

PS. We are already speculating about what will be the most ridiculous or useless thing we had shipped to Europe. You are welcome to guess, if so inclined.



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6 responses to “On the Road Again…

  1. I APPLAUD you two….you have ‘rolled with the punches’ all Spring/Summer, and I know you’ll be grateful for a ‘long-term’ rental…..and your STUFF.

    You always manage to sound UP, no matter what you are up to…even the post about the free Dutch lessons! What a hoot….

  2. Gil


    Yeah? Yeah! YEAH YEAH!

    (So intense.)

  3. Scott

    My guess for useless thing packed: US Postage Stamps. But even if you did, they take up very little room!

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