Paint and Buttons

OK, so I haven’t posted in a week. But I do have two pictures of colors from those otherwise quiet days:

This is from the Haagse Markt.

And THIS is from a shop on Vrouwjuttenland in Delft that seems to just be called “de Winkel” (“the shop”?). This shop completely surprised me yesterday because outside on the sidewalk, they always display some bright kitschy items, baskets or Buddha postcards or overpriced candle holders. I’ve never been inclined to go inside even though I’ve passed it probably a hundred times. Finally I wandered in and found—yes, more overpriced gift items, though some of them were quite nice—that de Winkel is also a SEWING shop. There was a wall of just ribbons and trims, and then this glorious sight:

A wall of buttons! They are all tubes of buttons that you can buy individually. It’s amazing. It made me wish I needed a button… or fifty.

I might, someday, because people here sew more. At IKEA you can buy fabric off the bolt. At the market there are tons of fabric stalls. And Saturday night I was at a party (at a Dutch person’s house!) and I was explaining to a woman how we so far only have curtains in our bedroom. She said, “Do you sew? You can sew curtains quite easily.” I deflected by saying, “I don’t have a sewing machine,” and she said I could borrow hers. So then I said, “I know how to sew,” which is true. Among my American peers I felt like I had a good amount of sewing experience, because when I was young my mom taught me to follow a pattern from Rag Shop and I made little pillows and I forget what else. In college, I helped with some theater costumes. But to sit down now and create something… even something huge and rectangular… hmm. It could go many ways.

In other domestic-arts news, I want to thank the MANY people who sent me stove-top recipes! I have tried several already and will continue to work through them. But I am also pleased to introduce the following:
Welcome home, friend.


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  1. Linda

    Watch out. Now people are going to be sending you patterns and OVEN recipes!

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