Shirts for Toddlers Need Copy Editors!

Oh, thank goodness: at long last, something needs a copy editor!

I have not been finding as many notable blunders because there is just not as much English in my life these days, and on principle I don’t like to pick on instances where English is not the writer’s primary language. (But, Google Translate, your day is coming… I have been meaning to collect all the instances of bizarre translation that language software can give you.)

Then today one of my friends raised the alarm on this stealthy culprit: a children’s alphabet shirt on sale at Target—with no letter o! This sort of thing makes my day. If you go to the image and zoom it enough, you can confirm that there is indeed a lacking vowel.

Meanwhile, it’s fall here for sure. Supporting evidence (besides Europeans wearing down parkas) includes the following:


Fall canal view

I know I watched all three Lord of the Rings movies this weekend, but isn't this pumpkin a bit hobbit-y?

This plant has been catching my eye for weeks. I want to buy it, but am afraid that I will kill it, and then I will be sad.



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2 responses to “Shirts for Toddlers Need Copy Editors!

  1. Kevin

    > watched all three Lord of the Rings movies this weekend

    My new best friend. I got my wife to watch the first two a while back, but she refuses to watch the 3rd installment. Harry Potter movies on the other hand …

    • unquiettime

      Oh no! Tell her she has to watch Return of the King to get to the resolution! Many of my favorite moments are contained in the third installment. The truth is I (re)watched all 3 movies while Tim was traveling, to pass the evenings… and then when he got back, we watched Return of the King together, so… I actually saw about 12 hours of Tolkien this week. And I loved it.

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