De vrouw resides.

I got my residence card today! And I get to go through the whole process of renewing it in just a year!…

Be that as it may, as a celebration of my Dutch residency, I will now caption the following pictures from France using my new knowledge of Dutch (Nederlands).

De vrouw leest in Frankrijk. / The woman reads in France.

De man staat dicht bij een kat. / The man stands close by a cat.

Ik sta op de brug in Arles. / I stand on the bridge in Arles.

Wij komen uit de Verenigde Staten! / We come from the United States.


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One response to “De vrouw resides.

  1. Stefan

    Hoi Meghan, jouw Nederlands is erg goed! Geen enkele fout:) Leuke fotos en leuke blog ook. Groetjes Stefan & Rebecca / Hi Meghan, your Dutch is very good! Not a single mistake:) Nice pictures and nice blog too. Greetings Stefan & Rebecca

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