A Case of the (Too-Short?) Mondays

I had a revelation this weekend: I like Mondays. I mean, I look forward to them.

How weird is that? I never felt that way when I had a “normal” job. (What job defines normal, really?) But the last couple months my main daily objective is to work on my novel [plus household maintenance, food, etc.], and I have gotten really into it. I don’t typically work on it on the weekends, and this Saturday I woke up feeling almost cranky because there was no “writing time” in my day. I enjoy the weekends for family and social reasons, of course. But Mondays now are a kind of clean creative slate, full of possibilities and thoughts I had over the weekend.

So, I’m off to do some writing, but before I do, here’s the link if you’d like to vote (it’s quick and painless) in the travel writing competition I’m a finalist in:


Mine is “Winter Enchantment: December in Nurnberg,” but do read all five and make your pick accordingly.

Do you like Mondays? …Does your job define normal?



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2 responses to “A Case of the (Too-Short?) Mondays

  1. I envy your schedule!

    And I want you to know that I read all the entries and voted for yours with a completely clear conscience. It was easily head and shoulders above the rest.

  2. Rachel Califf

    I LOVE Mondays, too! 🙂 To me, Mondays are like a fresh notebook. They’re a clean slate for accomplishing my honeydew list. Of course, I really relish typically “mundane” activities like cleaning to music and the routine domesticity of our morning schedules — making & eating breakfast together, bath time and now homeschooling — and on weekends, that gets rather disrupted and we have an entirely different and flexible couple of days with, like you said, an emphasis on family time, sports activities, errands and church. That has its benefits, too. But I think I like the self-improvement aspect of a new week, the “let’s see if we can do even better” mentality. 🙂 I feel the same way about mornings in general and always think of “His mercies are new every morning.” It just feels like renewal to me.

    And it’s a huge contrast now to how I felt when Ben and I were first married and I was working 60 hour weeks in Pittsburgh, with a typically 60ish minute commute each way. It didn’t help that one of the two jobs I worked was a horribly cynical and hostile environment where I didn’t feel particularly fulfilled by my work either. I would be grumpy all of Sunday because it was almost Monday, as ridiculous as that sounds. 🙂

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your Mondays and that you are WRITING! Love you!

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