Here in the Netherlands I occasionally see the word “American” applied to something, usually a food or product. Sometimes it’s accurate; sometimes it’s bewildering; other times it’s just funny. I’ve finally started documenting these instances for the edification of us all. Perhaps if I keep finding these, “American” can become a new series on the blog….

We begin at the market. I’m not quite sure what’s American about the muffins, but the double chocolate are quite tasty.

Yes! I was really glad to see this sign. Pastries abound over here: pastries with apple, with sausage, with cheese, with cherries, with anything. But just the other day, Tim and I were missing fresh-baked cookies, which do seem to be more of an American snack/dessert. (I know, I could just make some.) But I bought these and they were quite delicious. No hard feelings about the k, even.

Moving on to the supermarket, the examples get a little more dodgy. This one is not only titled (cringe) “Big Americans” but also sports, for no apparent reason, the word “Texas.”

Here we see the hardworking American cowboy, ready to chow down on that frozen Hawaiian pizza. I’m a fan of Hawaiian pizza, but not out of a box after a day on the ranch.

And lastly… wow. That’s an interesting use of the Stars and Stripes.



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4 responses to ““American”

  1. Linda

    Interesting that the packaging of all these “American” products sold in the Netherlands is printed in “American.” Targeted advertising and packaging. Don’t succumb!

  2. unquiettime

    Oh, don’t worry… I’m only interested in the baked goods.

  3. Gil

    I assume American muffins as in Not English?

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